What we do

We offer practical, down-to-earth advice on the big financial questions that people face:

  • When can I afford to retire?
  • How much can I spend without fear of ever running out?
  • How much investment risk do I really need to take to achieve my objectives?
  • When can I start doing more of the things I enjoy and less of those I don’t?
  • Are those closest to me going to be financially secure if I die or become seriously ill?

Our approach to financial planning can be broken down into three parts:

Lifestyle Planning

This is where we get to know you and understand what makes you tick. It’s the really exciting part where we discover what your hopes, dreams and goals for life are. This is the big picture stuff; what lifestyle do you want for you and your family, when do you want it and how much will it cost?

Financial Planning

Here we help you understand what resources are available to you, both now and in the future to help you achieve your goals. This is where we:

  • Gather information and analyse your existing assets
  • Appraise these in relation to your requirements
  • Report back to you with our findings and proposals

We provide a framework to your planning to ensure you maximise tax efficiency and receive value for money from your investments.

Independent Financial Advice

We offer truly independent advice. At this stage, we decide which products and providers are best placed to help you meet your needs as recognised in the lifestyle and financial planning stages.

Once we’ve obtained your agreement and implemented the recommendations, we will carefully monitor and review your plan. Circumstances inevitably change as you progress through life so your plan will need to be flexible enough to adapt to whatever is thrown at you, good or bad. Our ongoing service provides structure and clarity, ensuring that you keep on track and maintain motivation to reach those life and financial goals.

What our approach means

What matters to us is the difference we make to people’s lives and the things we enable them to do by putting them in control of their finances.

We always love to see what our clients have been able to do as a result; from one who fulfilled a lifelong dream to watch penguins in the Antarctic, to another who travelled to Buenos Aires to see the Rolling Stones in concert. Alternatively, your plans may keep you closer to home, simply enabling you to stop work early and enjoy a comfortable retirement.

We’ve always said the most effective financial plans come through an open working relationship between the client and their advisers. We will help you gain a full understanding of your financial position so you can make informed decisions. We listen to what you really want, not tell you what we want you to have. We will, however, give you our opinion on how we believe you can improve your financial well-being.

All that we ask is that you are open about your financial circumstances and goals and allow us to sometimes pose difficult questions or challenge you.

Of course, there are some things we can’t do. We can’t predict which way the stock market will go (we wish we could!), we can’t legislate for the whims of the government regarding tax and pension rules and we can’t know what you want unless you tell us.

“Terry took a complex pension issue, sorted it out and made the whole process straightforward” – Mr V Robertson