Who we work with

We work with many different types of people at various stages of their lives.

Wealth building

Often known as ‘the accumulation phase’, this is a time in life where you can focus on building wealth to be spent at a later date. You may feel you want to make the most of your income to generate enough money for all those important things like school or university fees, holidays, helping children on the property ladder or treating yourself to a luxury purchase or two. Establishing protection in case of ill health or worse to ensure that your family has the necessary cover is also worth considering.

At retirement

This is a crucial time and a major phase of transition. We have many years of experience in helping people make key decisions at this point in their lives. You may have come to a definite date where you stop work for good or it may be more of a gradual process, perhaps working part-time. You may have decided to retire by choice and have been planning it for some time or it may have come about through ill health or redundancy. You’ve no doubt got exciting plans for what you will do with your new freedom.

Whatever your situation, we can give you the help and guidance to answer the main questions:

  • How much money will you need in retirement to do the things you really want to?
  • Should you take your money as a cash lump sum?
  • Do you need the certainty of a fixed income?
  • Should you purchase an annuity or flexi-access drawdown?

We can help you make the most of all the possibilities available to you to suit your individual circumstances.


In retirement

You’ve finally reached retirement! So, whether you’re planning to head off around the world or potter about in the garden, your financial priorities will now be somewhat different. We can help monitor your retirement income to ensure it will meet your chosen lifestyle and check that your risk strategy, Inheritance Tax planning and later life provision are all in line with your requirements. You may also be interested in the best way to generate income from your capital or how to pass your wealth on to your children or grandchildren in the most tax efficient manner. We’re here to put your mind at ease that your money is invested wisely.

Changing circumstances

Major life events such as marriage or a new baby can mean times of great change. Similarly, if you’ve experienced a bereavement or are going through a divorce. Or you may have received an inheritance or windfall. You may be considering selling a business or property. All of these will have a significant impact on your finances. You may need to consider how to make up for lost income or earnings or adapt your finances to suit a new lifestyle and change your priorities. You may need to look at ways to reduce your tax liability. We really enjoy working with people to come up with flexible solutions to meet their changing lifestyles.

Trustees and Powers of Attorney

If you have been given a Power of Attorney to make decisions on behalf of someone else, this could very well relate to financial and business transactions.  It is key that you are exercise your legal duty of care correctly. Being a trustee is a big responsibility for people and our service can deal with any of your concerns and take away the worry.

“I wish I’d started working with James twenty five years ago but no one trusts a 10 year old adviser.” Ted Rodger, Managing Director – FPP